Nice to meet you.

Hi, I’m Anna. I like to synthesize ideas, fix broken processes, and solve complex problems. With an eye for details, I’m able to spot patterns and connect the same dots in new ways – whether it’s helping teams optimize their processes to communicate smarter, not harder, or listening (really listening) to customers to build products they love.

Thanks to my background in entertainment and immersive tech, I approach all of my work through the lens of storytelling - whether it’s a user journey or a technical workflow. In 2016, I co-founded an immersive audio studio, Noctvrnal, becoming an industry leader in sound design and audio engineering for virtual/augmented reality (XR). There, I had the opportunity to to create award-winning XR projects; to receive feedback to continuously iterate on and improve both processes and deliverables; to consult with growing startups and speak at top industry events; and to design and teach two university-level courses on immersive technology.

My current role is in Product Management at a proptech startup, where I’ve had the opportunity to build software solutions on both the B2B and B2B2C product lines. Working closely with my design and engineering counterparts through continuous cycles of discovery and development, I've deployed solutions to real customer problems, analyzed their success, and continued to iterate and improve upon each product.

While my ideal day involves wearing many hats, I am most passionate about harnessing technology to develop regenerative climate solutions - an intersection at which my work most closely aligns with my values.

Featured Skills & Certifications

Product Management

UX Research

Data Analysis

Agile Methodologies

Business Development for Startups

Sonic Storytelling

Certified ScrumMaster® | Scrum Alliance | 2020